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What, Why, Who

What? A service site with no visible means of support. An idiosyncratic magazine. Covert publicity for the editor. Sound, practical advice for the asking.

1. A magazine that is partly original and partly in a "digest" form drawn from other publications that you may not have seen.

2. Links to useful sources

3. A place for questions and answers and shared experiences

Why? Another gardening website? 'Fraid so, but perhaps this one will be a little different.

Information designed to be of use to nurseries doesn't mix too well, in a magazine that depends on advertisers, with other material intended for the people who are their reason for being. Let's see if it works here.

Besides this, you can't have too many interlinked sites when you are trying to get information out, and after more than 40 years in the industry, teaching and doing, I still don't feel that I have managed to share what I have learned.

Those are my excuses. The truth is that I just want to do a magazine.

Who? Ah...
A reformed dreamer, still alive and kicking.

One individual doing the writing and editing, with whatever help I can get from friends.

My name is Derek Burch, and I have been in and around the horticulture industry for forty years, and a gardener for even longer. Botanical and horticultural experience includes university teaching, botanical garden administration, nursery and landscape company ownership and work as a state
extension specialist.

I am in the field of horticulture as a consultant - that is another way of saying without regular employment - and since I can be had, there is a brief resume somewhere or other on the site in case there are problems out there that need paid assistance that I would be qualified to give. (Paid assistance is the sort in which the recommendations are taken seriously.) Go to the page marked Curriculum vitae if you want to see if I could be of help. My base is South Florida, but there are roads and 'planes these days, and I will travel at the drop of an airline ticket.

Anyone else? That remains to be seen. The editor would welcome company in the magazine, and there is any amount of space in the bulletin board and links areas...

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