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Issue 5

Editor: Derek Burch


Breaking Ground
Keeping with touch with readers who depend on us


Weed control in Containers
Dr. Carl Whitcomb's recommendations for nurseries on selection and use of herbicides


Speaking for myself, the spirit's willing, but sometimes the questions need a crystal ball to know what is being asked, let alone what the answer might be

Last Year's Garden this Year
-sown plants from last year's garden can add a spontaneous note to any but the most formal gardens


From the Ground Up
The very basics of how plants grow. #5 Leaves

Chelsea Flower Show: where else would you be at this time of year


The Best of the Rest
A look at print and on-line articles that should not have slipped by unnoticed:

  • Self-seeding plants in an English garden
  • Combining chemical and biological control methods
  • Fungus gnats


Common names: so many versions, so little communication



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