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One individual doing the writing and editing, with whatever help I can get from friends.

My name is Derek Burch, and I have been in and around the horticulture industry for forty years, and a gardener for even longer. Botanical and horticultural experience includes university teaching, botanical garden administration, nursery and landscape company ownership and work as a state extension specialist.

I am in the field of horticulture as a consultant - that is another way of saying without regular employment - and since I can be had, there is a brief resume somewhere or other on the site in case there are problems out there that need paid assistance that I would be qualified to give. (Paid assistance is the sort in which the recommendations are taken seriously.) Go to the page marked Curriculum vitae if you want to see if I could be of help. My base is South Florida, but there are roads and 'planes these days, and I will travel at the drop of an airline ticket.


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