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There are huge lists available from many sites - some of the big ones make up the first offerings below. After that, the list will be those which I have found to be particularly useful to me, but will doubtless soon start to expand to include other people's recommendations. I will try to keep some limits imposed, however, and will try to keep current those which do make the list.


The general lists that take you in one jump far beyond where I can possibly go.The sites of interest to gardeners come first, with a more botanical orientation lower down the list

Common name index B and T

A common to scientific name index with about 25,000 entries. B and T World Seeds, a French company with a fantastic list of seeds on offer.

Seed germination TomC

Tom Clothier's data on germination of annuals and biennials. This is the first of three pages to complete the alphabetical listing

Botanicsoup BS

A start out site for some massive sites. I would particularly recommend the Florida Gardener site for those of us in the Sunshine State

Florida Gardener PaulE

A very impressive site for Florida gardeners new and old, and full of information on tropicals that may turn up anywhere in the country these days

Comprehensive British Source Debby

Very full site which includes gardens to visit, - great for visitors to the U.K.

Hortsource HS

A beginning place for plant databases of many types

Florabundance FB

A rich source of garden plant information

Multisite plant search BGbase

Search 11 sites for plants and other information from each

Plants for a future Plant Tracker

An interesting site beyond its extensive lists

National Plant Germplasm System ARS-GRIN

A taxonomic reference site covering plants known to grow in the United States. Serious stuff!

World checklist IOPI

An ambitious beginning in standardising plant names

Nomenclature of vascular plant families LFSC

A botanically oriented site

botany related news OU

More leads than the name would suggest. A valuable botanical site

Taxonomy and Plant geography Euronet

Useful browsing for plant distribution in Europe


Now to the more specialised sites, each on its own page:




Cactus & succulents



Flowering trees



Interior plants

On-line magazines



Water gardens & aquaria


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